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About Our Company

Started in 2018 with the aim to provide
the financial solutions to it's members, Brahmaani Nidhi Limited is Leading in
best financial planning. At Brahmaani Nidhi LIMITED, we're here to provide you
with financial solutions for all your financial needs. Whether you are looking
for a SIP (Secured Investment Plans) Fixed Deposit (FD) Recurring Deposit (RD),
Monthly Income Scheme (MIS) Daily Deposit Scheme (DDS), or line of credit, our
knowledgeable and experienced financial consultants  will explain our
products to it's member in a straightforward manner. The only thing we have
uncommon with big banks is our attractive deposit and lending schemes. We're
proud to make all deposit and lending decisions locally for each member. Our
aim is to make our member's financial life easy and stress less so that they
can think innovative and make their life better.

Our Vision

The vision of Brahmaani Nidhi Limited is to Create a positively significant and deeply sincere impression on our members so that a trust can be developed among the community. BNL want's to become top financial  institution by the end 2021.

Our Goals

Our goal is to provide a high level of sound and meaningful financial services to our Members. Our customers receive a matchless experience that far expectations.